Youth Education

Lackawanna Valley TU follows TU’s Headwaters Program stream of engagement which begins with STREAM EXPLORERS Kindergarten to thirteen. TUTEENS from thirteen to eighteen. Upon graduation from High School student can carry over their Youth Education over to college with, TU’s, 5 RIVERS COLLEGE CLUBS. LVTU begins with its Stream Explorers Annual Kids Fishing Derby each June at Lackawanna State Park. While our TUTeens programs are many a good start would be to check out our Keystone TUTeens Conservation Camp. We have Fly Fishing and Fly Tying clubs at North Pocono H.S., Abington Heights M.S. and Forrest City H.S. along with several (TIC) Trout In the Classroom programs.

In 2012 Charlie Charlesworth, Mike Kashuba and Gary Smith started the first TUTeens Club along with the TUTeens Fly Fishing School. Each year the school included 8 weeks of Saturday classes to graduate and also become a member of Trout Unlimited and the TUTeens club.

In 2013 Mike Kashuba and Charlie Charlesworth set up a booth at Keystone College’s Club Fair and signed up Jake Bliss to help start the Keystone 5 Rivers Club called the Keystone Creek Walkers. Jake became the clubs first President.

In 2014 Charlie, Mike and Jake started the Keystone TUTeens Conservation Camp at Keystone College. Our TUTeens programs have become leaders for youth programs across the State and across the country.